Thursday, September 16, 2010

This Week In Pens Nation - Hard to Say Goodbye

Hellloooo Nation, I'm back with what's happening this week. If you haven't heard by now, Pens C Jordan Staal will miss the beginning of the regular season recovering from surgery

Off the ice, Thursday the SEA voted to demolish the Igloo starting in February. Crews will begin to remove asbestos from the building then will set an auction date. As a kid who spent his entire childhood with Mellon Arena, this is a blow, it is a blow to all Pens fans who have gone to the arena for games. However, dispite our love for the Old Gal it's time to let it go. She has had a great run, saw 3 Stanley Cup Final series and was even the set of several movies (and that bust with Van-Damme).

Dispite numerous attempts to save the arena from demise from groups like "Reuse The Igloo" the hammer and ultimately the wrecking ball were lowered on Mellon's fate.

"No one is coming forward that has development issues here and saying, 'Here's a plan that will make it better to go the other way that won't cost the public anymore money.' My concern is that, what's best for the public," said SEA Chairman Wayne Fontana.

So it is with heavy hearts, that we bid farewell to Lady Mellon, soak it in as much as you can whenever you make your way to Consol Energy Center these next few months. Thanks for the Memories, Goodbye

Mellon Arena 1961-2010

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