Friday, September 3, 2010

Penguins Sign Mike Comrie

-Ray Shero added another piece to the 2010-11 Pittsburgh Penguins puzzle. He signed forward Mike Comrie to a 1 year, $500,000 contract today. Comrie, 29, scored 13 goals and recorded 21 points in 43 games with the Edmonton Oilers last season. He has scored 30 goals twice in his nine seasons in the NHL. This is another example of a player taking a discount to play with the Penguins. Originally looking for a tryout with the Penguins, Comrie told Shero he would sign for the league minimum, which pushed Shero to eventually sign him. Pittsburgh had told him he will play the wing on one of the top two lines. This is a low risk move by the Penguins as Comrie can easily be on put waivers without a problem. He is married to Hilary Duff, which many fans first thought of when they heard the Penguins signed Comrie. His versatility is valuable as he can play center, left wing, or right wing. He is a quick skater and can put the puck in the net with Sidney Crosby if he stays healthy. He had had some health issues as well as some front office issues with clubs that he played for in the past. Comrie is very excited to join the Penguins, and hopefully he will help the team return to the Stanley Cup Finals. 

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