Saturday, September 4, 2010

This Week In Pens Nation - At Your Duff and Call

Wooo, my first post as a writer, Danny Boy here with this week in Pens Nation! In the Nation this week, we now know that Jordan Staal will miss the 10-11 training camp, at first glance this seems like a big deal and I'm not trying to say that we shouldn't be worried. However, if we know Gronk at all...he will be back for the first regular-season puck drop at the Con. Get Well quickly Jordan!

More news out of camp is that the Pens have signed Mike Comrie to a 1-year, $500,000 contract as announced on the Offical Website. I'll be honest, because Comrie has been an Islander and Sen, I really haven't cared to pay attention to him. I the most time i've talked about him was when the pictures were released of him popping the question (among other things) to Hillary Duff. As far as hockey is concerned, I know one thing, he will help the lineup tremendously. Some reports out of Penguinville are that he will even be on the 1st line with Crosby and Co. Welcome to Pittsburgh Hillary and Mike.

Lastly, I just wanted to also welcome the fellow newcomers of the blog such as myself. Together we will make this blog as informative as we can, and have some fun along the way. Let's Go Pens!


  1. Hey Danny, nice first article!

    Hailing here from Thunder Bay (aka: "Staal Land"), I think Staal will be there vs. the Flyers. He's just an iron man.

    I'm pretty stoked about Mike Comrie. I was pretty optimistic about the idea of Svatos or O'Sullivan coming to Pittsburgh but they were performance risks but Comrie has only been an injury risk. I think if we could get 75 games out of him, 30+ goals seems reasonable to me. And I think he's going to be all kinds of motivated. Money is not an issue for "Duffman", aka "The Brick". He's set financially. He just wants his Cup ring.

  2. only one issue:

    You called the new arena The Con.

    Don't do that. Ever.