Thursday, September 23, 2010

Preseason Game #1- Detroit Red Wings-1 @ Penguins-5

Tonight, I had the pleasure of taking in the first Pens game at the CONSOL Energy Center. Sweet lord, it's unreal.

Now, generally preseason is garbage and, in the grand scheme of things, tonight was no exception. However, on the way home I heard that this was the largest preseason game attendance in Penguins history. 18,087 tickets sold (Boy do the Pens love the number 87). It was so cool to see a Penguins home game attendance be over 18,000.

There was something a little more special about this preseason game. Yeah, it was the first game at the CONSOL Energy Center, but it was also against the Detroit Red Wings, who have become a big rival of the Penguins.

The guys who suited up with black and gold sweaters on obviously wanted to perform for the home crowd. The Guys in white and red obviously were channeling their inner-Detroit Lions circa 2008. They just didn't give a crap.

Let's get recapping, for the first time ever.

1st PERIOD...

It didn't take long for the Pens to get things started, as Hillary Duff followed up on a wrist shot and smacked the puck home only 1:21 into the game. I promise that's the last time I'll refer to Mike Comrie by his lesser halve's name.

***Sidetrack*** Chris Osgood sucks.

Who would have though a couple months ago that the first goal scored in CEC history would be by Mike Comrie.

Some more stuff happened, yada yada yada. (It's preseason and I was at the game, what do you want?)

Then... Sid.

You knew Sidney Crosby was going to do something. He buries one 7:29 into the first, giving the Pens a 2-0 lead. Again, the goal was a rebound which seemed to be hit out of midair while Osbaad was trying to check what time Dexter starts Sunday on his iPhone or something.

***Again, Osgood sucks.***

Somewhere in there was a Power Play for the Pens in which they looked somewhat decent despite not lighting the lamp.

Kris Letang still can't get the puck close to the net though. Gotta be kidding me.

A couple minutes go by and Ryan Craig storms down the left side and rips one past Osdick.
I have no idea how Osgood didn't save it...........

Wait... yes I do.

Soon after it became 3-0, some guy named Downey decided he should try to fight Jesse Boulerice.
Bad move.
There's no politically correct way to describe what Boulerice did to Downey other than a complete ass-whoopin'. Downey even started to cover his face toward the end of the fight so he wouldn't get hit before he fell to the ice.

Any guy that drops the gloves and beats someone from the Red Wings down in a preseason game is automatically a favorite player of mine.

Before the whistle, Brooks Orpik almost ends Johan Franzen's life by going knee-to-knee on Franzen's surgically-repaired ACL.

The 14 Red Wings fans used their dial up connection via AOL to get online and start whining about how Orpik made a dirty hit and junk. Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. Supposedly Franzen is ok, but who knows. Todd Bertuzzi, of all people, decides to stand up against a player who dished out a possible cheap shot.

Five penalties were called at 18:17 into the first, including an early shower call on Orpik. Game misconduct. Peace, Brooksie.



A couple penalties are called on Detroit at the start of the 2nd. Then, at 9:29 into the 2nd, the Wings strike on a goal from Ruslan Salei. This douche, scenester-looking dude next to me, wearing a brown shirt, jumps up and starts going crazy when the Wings score. He started wooing like Ric Flair on cocaine.

He became a marked man from there on out.

While scenester was still trying to figure out if he's hit puberty yet or not, the Pens bang home a 4th goal at 13:28 as Brett Sterling lights the lamp off of two ridiculous passes from Pascal Dupuis, who put the puck between his legs and passed it to Sid, who tic-tack-toed it across to Sterling Silver for the lamp-lighter.

Needless to say, brown shirt from the D didn't have much to say. Especially when people (myself possibly included) started mimicking his idiotic goal celebration.

Less than two minutes later, Osgood craps his Depends and gives up a 5th goal to the Pens. Ryan Craig puts the Pens up for good.

Brown shirt douche was completely shocked. So funny.



Honestly I have no idea what happened in the 3rd. Fleury got replaced by Brad Thiessen, I got some nachos with pulled pork on them (whoa), brown shirt and his mom retired to their bedroom.

That's about it.

No scoring. A couple unsportsmanlike penalties and some other minors were called.

The CEC's first hockey crowd started to clear out. People were generally in a great mood during and after the game.


Good Lord I love that video.

5-1, kids.


- I thought Brett Sterling, Ryan Craig and Mark Letestu were very impressive.
- Zybnek Michalek blocked a ton of shots and was everywhere on the defensive side of things. Really like his game. Heard someone describe him as the new Rob Scuderi, except more mobile. I completely agree.
- Sidney Crosby is possibly in mid-season form playing-wise, but did get a little banged up and didn't play in the 3rd. It apparently isn't serious at all though.
- Evgeni Malkin looked pretty good despite not recording a point. He almost put in this sickening goal that he shot with his stick between his legs.

- Fleury looked sharp, allowing one goal on 21 shots. We all know he needs to play better this season and he started off on a good note.

- CONSOL is so awesome. I do have a couple gripes though. Nothing too major, but just some things to think of when you go.
1. If you have size 10+ shoes (I'm a 13), you're going to find that the upper-level seats don't provide much feet room.
2. The concourses during intermission in the upper-level were so ridiculously crowded in some parts because of people waiting in concession lines that you couldn't even get back to your seat.
3. For some reason, the Penguins have decided to go with some little noise after goal-scorers and assisting players are announced. I hated it and the people around me weren't crazy about it either.

- Things I loved about CONSOL.
1. The walk to the arena is so much better. No matter where you park, you won't have to climb some crazy hill when it's 15 degrees just to get in the building. You can go in on different levels. Plus, you have tons of escalators throughout the building to get you to your seats.
2. The video board. It's so clear and gigantic. However, it isn't at all distracting to the eye while watching the game.
3. It is going to get loud. The goal horn, the fans, they all sound really loud in there. It's awesome.
4. A few years ago we were as good as gone to Kansas City or some other joke of a city. We're in Pittsburgh still, won a Cup and have an amazingly beautiful and outstanding new building which, you will experience within 30 minutes of being there, already feels like home.

Don't expect these lengthy recaps for the rest of the preseason. I'll try to get something up, but since some games aren't on TV and video posting on the Pens website seems to be a bit slow, who knows.

Thanks for reading my first post.

Let's Go Pens.


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