Thursday, September 16, 2010

Staal Family News

-The last couple of days, hockey headlines have been centered around two of the four Staal brothers. First, New York Rangers D Marc Staal finally signed a new contract with the Rangers after being a restricted free agent. Staal signed a 5 year, $19.875 contract. Staal got signed on the eve of the start of training camp, so it looks like both sides are happy a deal got done.
-Today, another story came out about a Staal. This time, it was Jordan Staal, of our Penguins.It was announced today that Staal will indeed miss the start of the regular season after undergoing a procedure to cure an infection in his foot. In the summer, it was reported he would likely miss the start of training camp and play in the opener, but that is not the case anymore. He is expected to recover in 5-6 weeks, but Staal has shown before he can heal faster than others.

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  1. "There are regular humans, there are quick healers, and then there is Jordan Staal."

    Get better soon, J.Staal!