Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Penguins Announce Promotional Schedule

-Today, the Penguins announced their promotional schedule. The hat above and commemorative ticket are just a couple of the nice giveaways fans can get at games this season. Photos courtesy of Penguins.nhl.com.
The schedule goes as follows:
10/7/10 Philadelphia Inaugural Game Commemorative Ticket
10/9/10 Montreal All-Time Team Medallion Album
10/13/10 Toronto Penguins Schedule Mouse Pad
10/15/10 NY Islanders Penguins Calendar
10/29/10 Philadelphia Penguins Poster
11/12/10 Tampa Bay Penguins Baseball Cap
11/26/10 Ottawa Penguins Jersey Drawstring Bag (14 and under)
11/27/10 Calgary PA Lottery Scratch Off
12/2/10 Atlanta Penguins Scarf
12/20/10 Phoenix Penguins Knit Cap
1/5/11 Tampa Bay Penguins Long-Sleeve T-Shirt
1/18/11 Detroit Penguins Locker Room Sign
2/8/11 Columbus Penguins Travel Bag
2/21/11 Washington Penguins Upper Deck Trading Cards (First 10,000)
3/20/11 NY Rangers Penguins Wall Banner
4/5/11 New Jersey Fan Appreciation Night

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