Monday, June 14, 2010

Crosby Likely Not On NHL 11 Video Game Cover

-For a while, many fans speculated that Sidney Crosby would maybe finally be featured on a cover of a hockey video game, but that apparently will not be the case. NHL 2K11 has already announced that Ryan Kesler of the Vancouver Canucks will be on the cover for their new hockey game. That leaves EA Sports' NHL 11 as the only other hockey game coming out. Earlier today, the EA site put up a new NHL 11 template with Conn Smythe Winner and Stanley Cup champion, Jonathan Toews. Toews is the captain of the Chicago Blackhawks. It is rare for a game to put two players from the same team in two consecutive years. Patrick Kane was on the cover of NHL 10. That site where the template was found is now down and no one can confirm if it is true or not. Someone at EA may have made a mistake by letting it go online. Toews will appear on Jay Leno tonight, so maybe he will mention something. Considering the template was on EA's site, it is probably the right time to say that Sidney Crosby will likely not be on a cover this upcoming season.
Here is the template that was up a few hours ago:

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