Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Once Again, the St. Louis Blues Have Been Screwed Over By the Waiver Wire

Let the Fat Jokes and Bad Puns Commence!

The Sharks have been one of the most surprising teams in the NHL this year. They’ve been a playoff regular and Cup favorite for the past few seasons, but have been hovering near the bottom of the Pacific Division all year. In an attempt to add some, uh, grit to the lineup, Sharks general manager Doug Wilson sent a fifth round pick to the Thrashers for Ben Eager. (I will not make a bad eager pun, I will not make a bad eager pun, I will not make a bad eager pun…)

Wilson also decided to join in the “everyone steal from the Blues” party and snatched up (not literally of course, otherwise he’d be hospitalized) Kyle Wellwood off of waivers a few days after he signed a two-way deal with St. Lous. In unrelated news, I hear that the magnitude and frequency of earthquakes has increased in the San Jose area. (Wellwood fat jokes are ALWAYS funny!)

Cammalleri Hurt

Mike Cammalleri separated his shoulder in last night’s game against the Sabres and will miss two weeks of action. Supposedly he separated his shoulder when he went to check Tyler Myers and hit the bony part of Myers’ knee, but don’t quote me on that.

Habs short jokes are also always funny.

Holtby Recalled

Apparently Neuvirth and possibly Varlamov have lower-body injuries, so Braden Holtby has been recalled from the Hershey Bears as a precaution.

Not touching the lower-body jokes. I’ll leave those to your imagination.

You Put Your Left Foot In, You Put Your Left Foot Out…

Dan Bylsma has just reported that Malkin will miss Thursday’s game against New Jersey with an undisclosed injury. There has been speculation that Malkin’s offensive output has been suffering this season because he hasn’t been 100%, and this certainly adds fuel to that fire. Now there is potential (nothing has been confirmed or even mentioned, just more speculation on my part) that the Pens could hold Malkin out of the All-Star game. Being voted an All-Star is nice but being healthy for the actual season is far more important.

Kyle Okposo, who suffered a preseason shoulder injury, will play for the Islanders for the first time this season tomorrow night against the Caps. Just in time for the Islanders to start their playoff push!

Iggy Out

Darren Dreger of TSN reports that Jarome Iginla will miss the All-Star game because his maternal grandmother is sick. Danny Briere will take his place in the lineup. Best of luck to Iginla and his family. Keep him in your thoughts/prayers.

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