Friday, January 7, 2011

HBO and the NHL to Capitalize (No Pun Intended) on the Success of "24/7"?

The final ratings have not yet been calculated for HBO's "24/7: Road to the NHL Winter Classic", but most hockey fans have been able to agree that the mini series was a smashing success and they'd like to see HBO work with the NHL again in the near future.

It appears that HBO has a similar desire.

The Globe and Mail reported that chief operating officer Jeff Collins has expressed an interest in working with the NHL again, this time to give fans an inside look at the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The full-access look at the inner workings of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals was well-received by NHL diehards, casual and non-fans alike. It was a spectacularly well-done series that has many speculating (including us here at Pens Nation, if you listened to our latest podcast) that HBO could see an Emmy nomination in the future. NHL fans and writers alike have mentioned that they would love to see HBO do a follow-up during the NHL postseason.

It looks as if that hope could become a reality. (Gah, again with the puns. I apologize.)

In addition to Collins, HBO Sports President Ross Greenberg mentioned that he would be interesting in working with the NHL again and it's unlikely that the league would turn down such an opportunity for additional exposure, especially given the outstanding success of "24/7".

Nothing official has been decided yet. It's all talk so far. No negotiations or anything of the sort have ben brought up. But the fact that HBO insiders have said that they would like to work with the NHL again is in itself a positive sign for the league and those who enjoyed "24/7" (a.k.a. all of us).

Be sure to read the full Globe and Mail article here for full details and quotes.

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