Friday, January 28, 2011

Crosby Progresses; Resumes Workouts.

Penguins' fans get some long awaited good news regarding Captain, Sidney Crosby this afternoon. Crosby has begun to work out and do rehab for the first time since being sidelined on January 5th with concussion symptoms.

Until now Crosby has not been permitted to take part in any physical activity since the being diagnosed. However, he will need to remain symptom-free in order to rejoin his teammates at practice after the All Star Break.

A healthy Crosby is definitely one of the Penguins highest priorities.  Don't expect Crosby to resume practice with his teammates until he has been reevaluated and is symptom free.

Crosby has been sidelined for nine games and his NHL goal scoring lead and points lead has been overtaken by Tampa Bay's Steven Stamkos. Don't get too comfortable, Steve.


  1. Great news but I suspect this is along the same lines as Datsyuk coincidentally coming off the IR on the day of the ASG Draft. My suspicion is that the plan all along was to have Sid sit out a few extra games so that he could take advantage of the All-Star weekend (which for the Pens is essentially a week off).

  2. same here... still probably a couple weeks away but at least there seems to be some progression.