Thursday, January 27, 2011

NHL Trade Deadline Nearly A Month Away

UPDATE: Islanders RW Matt Moulson has signed a three year extension worth $3.1 million per season with the Islanders. He was apparently a player that the Penguins may have targeted at the trade deadline. Also, Alex Semin signed a one year deal with the Capitals worth $6.7 million
-The NHL trade deadline will be officially a month away tomorrow at 3 PM. The deadline is set for 3 PM on February 28, 2011. For some teams, it is like Christmas, but for others, it's a fire sale. The Penguins obviously will not be having a fire sale after recording 66 points in the first fifty games of the season. That puts them in second place in the Atlantic division, five points behind Philadelphia. The Penguins are expected to be in trade talks for a scoring winger once again this year. The Fourth Period listed the Penguins being interested in the following players:

LW Alex Tanguay, Flames
Tanguay has already passed his goal total from last season when he was with the Tampa Bay Lightning. His best season came in 2006-07 when he scored 22 goals and recorded 81 points. With a relatively low contract, Tanguay can't be ruled out. Stats in 2010-11: 12 Goals, 25 Assists, 37 Pts, -4. Cap Hit: $1.7 million
LW Jarkko Ruutu, Senators
Ruutu spent 2006-07 and 2007-08 with the Penguins and was a fan favorite because of his ability to enforce. He has had over 100 penalty minutes the last six seasons.
Stats in 2010-11: 2 Goals, 7 Assists, 9 Pts, -1, 55 PIM. Cap Hit: $1.3 million

Of the Penguin players that have been linked to trade talk, Alex Goligoski is one name that has been speculated as a player being on the move. However, TIOPS reported yesterday that he is an untouchable and will not be traded this season. That really does not mean anything, since it is not the best source to say the least. The 25 year old defenseman is enjoying his best season in the NHL so far scoring nine goals and recording 26 points in 50 games played. His 21 plus-minus rating is ranked seventh in the NHL. Although his value is high, he has a low cap hit of $1.5 million this season. Stay tuned for the latest trade rumors here on Pens Nation!


  1. Interesting write-up. Seeing Matt Moulson return would be nice and he might want to stick around the year after. No doubt, if acquired, he'd be on Sid's wing.

    Tanguay, I think, would be a good match if they wanted to put out a Tanguay-Staal-Malkin line. Good playmaker but I haven't watched him play in a while so I'm not sure if he has the kind of sandpaper to his game that Bylsma likes.

    Ruutu is a player that I hate playing against but loved as a Penguin (much like Matt Cooke). I'm not sure whether is role would be redundant on this team though.

  2. Moulson is not a possibility anymore. Tanguay is a decent fit and I agree that Ruutu's role really may not fit with this team.

  3. Ruutu's role definitely isn't needed on this team... we have players that fit his role for cheaper and they're younger.