Thursday, October 21, 2010

This Week In Pens Nation - M*A*S*H 44-45-11

Hellooooooo Nation! This Week in Pens Nation I will be talking about the Penguins Goalie Problems, as well as the the fact that their ain't no shuffle like the 3rd-line shuffle (more on that horrible parody later). As well as a special surprise you don't wanna miss!

Opening Faceoff
As I was driving back and forth from school to my house, I was tuned to the Fan 93.7 and Mark Madden on 105.9, and other then the James Harrison fine talk, most of the buzz was over the Penguins goalie situation. I must be honest, I'm tired of this, I mean its a simple problem that isn't getting a simple answer. That answer is (in my opinion) to let Brent Johnson play until he loses (or needs rest). I know, they will be on a 8 game road trip and eventually Fleury will have to play, but until then let the goalie with the 4-0 record stay hot. Ride Em' Till It Hurts (that's what she said)
is what I've been saying all along, and for the love of all things not from Philly, just say it already.

Annnddd Nowwwwww Fannnsssss!
Another story surrounding the team this week was our injury situation, with Asham, Orpik and Staal all still on the shelf. With at least Orpik returning Saturday, the question now becomes "who stays, who goes?" That is a very brain-bursting question, and the answer is not as simple as who should play in goal. With the return of Orpik, the defensemen on the chopping block are (again in my opinion) Andrew Hutchinson, and Ben Lovejoy. Hutch is the obvious choice because he was the one called up when Free Candy went down. Lovejoy (top ten last name, bank it) is a little tougher, I love his game but he doesn't bring what Brooks can. Engelland is a lock to stay, so are all the other regulars, so figure out the D situation for yourself. As far as Asham and Staal, there are a number of choices to give the boot. My choices for Asham would be Godard, only because Asham brings everything Gods does, but with more talent for scoring. For Gronk however, It's a toss up between Kennedy and Dupuis or even Tangradi. Tangradi is the 1st choice not just on his offensive production (or lack there of) but because he does not have to clear Waivers, the others do, so for the purposes of this post, I'm going Tangradi.

Sudden Death
I mentioned in the teaser that there is a surprise not to miss. Within the coming weeks or so, be sure to check iTunes if you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, for...wait for it...The Offical Pens Nation Mobile App! With all the articles from this site, along with PensTV and even the latest Twitter posts from myself, Andy and Meg! Stay Tuned!

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