Tuesday, October 12, 2010

First Three Games In Review

After three games, it's almost impossible to tell what is going on with the Penguins.

I mean, it is three games after all.

However, I find it amusing how some people, namely ESPN, have decided to bury the Penguins after only two games.

In the preseason, ESPN's Power Rankings slotted the Pens as the 7th best team in the NHL.

After two games, they dropped the Pens to 27th.

Yeah, the Pens are the 27th best team in the NHL.

Basically, Scott Burnside says that the Panthers, Blue Jackets, Sabres, Islanders, Wild, Thrashers and Hurricanes are all better than the Pens.

Burnside ranked the Hurricanes as the #2 team in the NHL.

I don't even need to come up with a joke on how stupid that is.

Sure, it hasn't been the most encouraging start for the Pens but they are far from the 4th-worst team in the NHL. Let's take a look:

Game #1 vs. Philadelphia Flyers

It was opening night at the CONSOL Energy Center.

The players walked down a red carpet, the big screen was up outside.

It was a big deal.

As well it should be. We had been waiting for this day for years now.

We deserved it.

Mario came out before the game, which, since the game was on Versus, no one got to see.

What a moment. Mario took the old Civic Arena ice, had it melted and bottled and poured it out on the CONSOL ice.

Mario dropped the ceremonial first puck with Gary Bettman by his side.

Let's be real here. Many people don't like Bettman, but he did try to keep the Penguins here in Pittsburgh. He has always spoke very highly of the organization.

Therefore, I was ok with him being out there... Kinda.

1st Period

Pens come out of the gate flying, but hit post after post. This became a theme throughout the game, unfortunately.

Early on, you get the feeling that the Flyers rookie goalie was going to steal the show.

Good hockey early. Kinda sloppy but you expect that.

2nd Period

Early on, Danny Briere unbelievably gets the first goal in the history of the CEC.

For all the Briere-bashing that has gone down the last few years here in Pittsburgh, it really makes you think that Karma is a legit philosophical idea.

1-0 bad guys.

Versus does an interview with Gary Bettman during some really exciting play.

As we were heading to the 2nd intermission, Blair Betts pokes home a rebound. Barf.

2-0 Filthadelphia.

At this point, you know some idiot is already writing an article about how the Pens season is over.

3rd Period

Less than a minute in, Paul Martin makes a move to the net and feeds Tyler Kennedy with a sick pass.

TK collects it and rips it top shelf past Bobrovsky.


Pens then clank a post so hard on the PowerPlay. Heartbreaking.

Kris Letang then decides to crap his pants and turn the puck over.

Claude Giroux collects the gift and makes a move on Fleury for a shorty.


Pens waste no time though and cut the lead to one. Zybnek Michalek lets a wrister go that is deflected by Goligoski for the GoGoGoal (that's the last time I ever use that expression, I swear).


Pens miss some big chances. Fleury made some huge saves to keep things close.

It wasn't enough though. Flyers clear the zone over and over again and win the first game at the CONSOL Engery Center.


(Coming up in a bit- Recaps of the Canadiens debacle and WIN over the New Jersey Kovalchuks)

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