Friday, October 29, 2010

This Week In Pens Nation - Civic Arena Update

As if the Pens losing to the Philly wasn't sad enough, Danny Boy's here with a Civic Arena update...

From the looks of the one picture that I was able to obtain from inside of the Civic Arena, it seems like crews are in the beginning stages of stripping the building before demolition. This only shows one section at ice level, but its enough to make you shed a tear or two. This is the first I've seen of the arena since my last game there. With the way this home season is going, I wish like hell we could have it back..just once. The other pictures in my possession show that the Zamboni's have not been touched nor driven since their last cut (which you can watch below..with Pizza Hut ad still painted on. There are talks that the boards, glass, and Zamboni's will be bought by Robert Morris University and used at the RMU Island Sports Center on Neville Island. So without further they are..

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