Friday, May 14, 2010

Gonchar To Meet With Shero Again Soon

-D Sergei Gonchar talked to Ray Shero this morning at the final team meeting about his contract status. Gonchar will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1st if he does not reach a new deal with Pittsburgh. After making $6 million this season, he will likely have to take a discount to stay with the Penguins. Whether he is willing to do that or not remains to be seen. He has been rumored to be looking for a three year deal. If he will not take a discount, he has likely played his last game in a Pittsburgh uniform. When he was asked about Pittsburgh and becoming a free agent, he said, "Being a free agent is obviously so different this time. I like the city. I like the defensive unit that supports us. I like my teammates. It seems like we have a great group of guys here with great chemistry. We still have plenty of time. Ray (Shero) and I just talked, and there is going to be some time before July 1 to sit down and talk. We have plenty of time to do something.  I want to be happy. Obviously Pittsburgh is a place where I have been happy for the last five years here as a player with my teammates. I would like to stay here, but at the same time, we have to do work both ways and be fair. When I go to look at my contract, I’m going to have to weigh everything. There is still a good chance. Ray and I are going to have a conversation soon. It’s really tough for me to say right now. My mind isn’t really into it yet. I’m playing in the World Championship, and I’m leaving tonight. I’m just going to leave it to Ray." He and Shero will likely meet again sometime in the next few weeks.

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