Thursday, November 18, 2010

This Week In Pens Nation - Ice Ice Guerin

Hellooooooo Nation, it's been awhile but im back and here's what's happening in Pens Nation.

- Opening Faceoff
I'll start this one off with on ice news. Time to give my little rant about the play of the defense (excluding last night's game). Here's my question to all of you in the Nation. Why can't the players buckle down and fill the void that Staal leaves behind, like they did whenever Sid/Geno were out with their injuries? I don't have an answer to that, so if you do please comment below. As far as the recent Mike Comrie/Chris Conner situation, well, it's simple, Bylsma is giving another fringe player a chance at success as he did with Letestu. HCDB is playing the fringe players, because that's the type of player he was. Sure, Comrie has been a bust, but hell, he's still gotta play, even if it's only on the 4th line.

- Annnndddd Nooooowwww Fannnnnssss
Now to ice issues, yes, actual ice issues. The complaints are about the ice surface at CEC are flooding into the media and to the Penguins front office more then Hurricane Katrina about this. Just relax, new buildings always have problems with the ice in the beginning, keep in mind that the operations staff at CEC also worked in the Mellon, a 50+ year old building, so I don't expect greatness just yet. Just. Relax.

- Shootout
Breaking news into the Nation today was that Bill Guerin is expected to announce his retirement from the NHL after Thanksgiving, but wait there's more, he is also expected to become a member of the Penguins staff sometime in 2011. From all of us in Pens Nation Congrats Billy G on a great NHL career and enjoy your retirement.

That is all for this week (and probally until after Thanksgiving) so until next time remember 3 Ass=1 Goal

Happy Turkey Day. Go Pens.


  1. Dicktracy, are you a blogger? then shut the hell up

  2. That doesn't mean jack... Any dicktoucher like you can set up a free blog and post shit.

  3. Comrie is useless, He will be on waivers before the end of the season.... Pens need to pickup a decent winger for Sid, This is getting ridiculous.

    +1 for the posts above.. This site is maintained by a bunch of amateurs....